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Provided By Nature, Proven By Science
As you just saw in the graph, the first clinical studies for the original transfer factor products produced by 4Life Research showed a boosting of NK (Natural Killer) Cell activity by 103% and 248% respectively... a staggering accomplishment in the realm of natural health and wellness when compared with other well-known supplements that didn't even come close.

But the scientists at 4Life Research wanted to take this remarkable success even further, and they did... with the development of the Transfer Factor Advanced Formulas.

A blind study test was conducted by Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev, head of Immunology at the Russian Academy of Medical Science, using 4Life Research Transfer Factor Advanced Formulas (Transfer Factor E-XF advanced transfer factor molecules) and a 48-hour activation time. Samples were tested for maximum time of effectiveness and they produced even more astonishing results.
Transfer Factor Advanced Formula E-FX increased NK cell activity by 283%!

Then another new 4Life Research product, Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula was tested, and it was found to increase NK cell activity by a staggering 437%!
But equally important to this amazing immune system boost, is the fact that 4Life Research's Transfer Factor products balance the ability of your immune system to recognize and attack foreign invaders and not turn on itself... meaning your body will only use as much as it needs, when it needs it most.
Many medical professionals now believe that transfer factors are the hope of our future in the war against mutating pathogens and viruses.
For most of us, our immune systems are simply not up to the challenges of today's environment. We come in contact with all kinds of unfriendly agents that generations before us were never exposed to. And to make matters worse, our immune systems become less efficient as we age.

No wonder so many of us feel like we're struggling harder than ever to stay healthy. We are.  Our bodies need help.  No wonder many of us feel that our immune systems are not in "ready to fight and win" mode. They're not. We need the benefits of the exclusive 4Life Research Transfer Factor Formulas to give us a well-trained and pre-armed immune system.

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